What Do Buyers Think of Re-Clad Homes?

Are home buyers still “turned off” by re-clad homes?
What cladding system is the best to combat the “leaky home” stigma?

Researchers from the University of Auckland Business School’s Department of Property have recently published a study they carried out regarding the stigma surrounding remediated leaky homes and how the choice of cladding system for a re-clad project has a direct effect on a buyer’s perception of the property. The results are good news for owners of monolithic homes looking to re-clad. Read the article here:

Veron have successfully assisted home owners in the remediation and re-clad of their homes; from concept design, obtaining building consent, main contractor procurement and through contract administration to practical completion. We work closely with our clients, designers, specialist consultants and contractors to ensure quality results that add value to your home.