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Have you recently completed building work without the necessary consent and received a notice from Auckland Council? Let us assist you in obtaining a Certificate of Acceptance (COA), ensuring your building work complies as closely as possible with the NZ Building Code.

We’ve successfully helped many homeowners obtain their COA, even those received a notice to Fix from Auckland Council. 

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When Do You Require A Certificate Of Acceptance? 

There are several situations where you might need a Certificate of Acceptance. Perhaps you bought a house with modifications done by the previous owner without the necessary consent. Or maybe there were emergency repairs, like fixing damage from a landslip, to ensure the home’s safety.

Certificate Of Acceptance

Under The Building Act 2004, a Certificate of Acceptance is required in the following situations:

  • When urgent work was essential to safeguard lives or property, and obtaining a building consent beforehand was not feasible. In such cases, the property owner must apply for the COA as soon as possible afterward.
  • If a building consent authority, other than a territorial or regional authority, granted the building consent but cannot issue a Code Compliance Certificate for the work, a COA can resolve these compliance gaps.
  • When the construction work began or was consented to before March 31, 2005, and it involves public premises.
  • Other common issues that require a COA include converting laundries into bathrooms, garages into living spaces, enclosing verandas, or altering the layout of homes on cross lease titles.

Let Veron Building Consultants In Auckland examine your building concerns to determine if a COA is suitable for you.

Risks of Not Obtaining a COA Certificate

Failing to secure a Certificate of Acceptance when required puts you at odds with the Building Act. It is illegal to commence any building work that needs consent without first obtaining it. Violating this law can result in hefty fines, up to $200,000 initially, with an additional $10,000 fine for each day the violation continues.

A COA is only issued if the Auckland Council is convinced that the work adheres to the Building Code and was completed after July 1, 1992. If your building work does not qualify for a COA, you might have to dismantle the unauthorised work and seek a building consent to either restore it or bring it up to the current building standards.

Get A COA Certificate Auckland

Obtain your Certificate of Acceptance (COA) in Auckland effortlessly with Veron Building Consultants. We specialise in navigating the legal intricacies of acquiring a COA, ensuring a stress-free experience for you. Our role is to manage the entire process, requiring only the essential documents or evidence from you for the application submission.

We possess extensive experience in legal dispute resolution. Our team carefully analyses each case to fully understand the complexities involved and collaborates with local councils to secure COAs for our clients. We always strive to resolve legal issues efficiently, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

We also provide construction project management & contract admin services to ensure your properties obtain the required building consents from the beginning, eliminating the need for a Certificate of Acceptance (COA) application later on.

What Documents Are Required for COA?

To obtain a Certificate of Acceptance (COA) in New Zealand, several types of documentation are typically required. The exact requirements can vary depending on the specific circumstances and the local council, but generally, the following documents are needed:

  • A completed COA application form provided by the local council.
  • Documents such as a Certificate of Title or a Sale and Purchase Agreement to prove ownership of the property.
  • A comprehensive description of the building work carried out, including plans, specifications, and any alterations or additions made to the property.
  • Evidence of work done. This might include photographs, receipts, contracts, and any correspondence with contractors or consultants involved in the work.
  • Any relevant reports, such as building, plumbing, or electrical work assessments, geotechnical reports, or weathertightness reports that detail the condition and compliance of the work done.
  • Evidence that the work complies with the Building Code, such as producer statements or certificates from qualified professionals who carried out or supervised the work.
  • Detailed plans and drawings of the completed work, showing how it complies with the Building Code, especially if changes were made to the original plans.

Expected Timeline for COA Certificate Issuance

The process for applying for a COA often involves a detailed review by the council to ensure that the unconsented work meets the current building standards and regulations. The time it takes can vary depending on the complexity of the building work. Councils are required by law to make a decision on COA applications within 20 working days of receiving all the necessary information.

However, if additional information or clarification is needed, or if the application involves complex building issues, the process can take longer. It's important to provide comprehensive and accurate documentation to minimise delays.

Veron Building Consultants will maintain regular communication with the Auckland Council to track the progress and promptly address any requests for additional information or documentation.


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