Leaky Building Inspections


Weather tightness issues have been the source of countless legal claims and the stress of many a homeowner.

Leaky buildings and weather tightness issues differ from general building construction issues in that it relates to the unplanned ingress of external water and the often subsequent damage. Historically ‘leaky building’ claims were associated with common monolithic claddings such as:

However, in our experience weather tightness issues are not limited to monolithic claddings with failure experienced in timber weatherboards, concrete blockwork, and metal composite panels.

Often due to the time it takes for water to cause damage to internal finishes, homeowners are not aware that their home is suffering from leaks until their home has considerable damage.

We believe the process of identifying if cladding is leaking requires a careful and thorough investigation. This starts with a visual inspection and may include invasive and destructive testing together with laboratory analysis of timber and cladding samples.

For many home or building owners, this is only the start of the process. The next step may be the remediation required to remedy the defective cladding and remediate any damage to the underlying timber structure. This will likely require a robust scope to repair, design plans and specifications, and building consent.

We can offer expert investigation, reporting, and advice on effective repair. For more information or an obligation-free chat please contact us.


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