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Joinery Testing

On-site Window Joinery AAMA 501 and 502 Testing

Veron offers a fully independent on-site joinery testing service throughout New Zealand.  

The testing methods are compliant with the Australian/New Zealand Standards 4284:2008 and 4211:2008 and are based on the façade testing methods of the American Aluminium Manufacturers Association (AAMA). 

These international testing methods have been adopted by the Window Glazing Association of New Zealand, in their push for regulated and uniform testing across the industry.   

Veron can provide the following tests:

AAMA 501.2 - Quality assurance and diagnostic water leakage field check of installed shopfronts, curtain walls and sloped glazing

  • most commonly specified on non-openable façades and large areas of glazing
  • focused on testing the joinery item itself and the junctions with the structure/cladding
  • compliant with NZS 4211:2008 and AAMA 501.2

AAMA 502.12 - Voluntary specification field testing of new installed fenestration products

  • developed for openable joinery items
  • testing involves applying negative pressure to the internal window whilst simultaneously applying a pressurised rain mist to the external joinery to cladding junction
  • testing parameters can be adjusted to match the manufacturer’s design loads
  • compliant with NZS 4211:2008, 4284:2008 and AAMA 502.12

Through these rigorous testing methods, we are able to identify areas of water ingress through the joinery or the surrounding structure, if any occurs during testing.  From our experience, the first window tested will often ‘fail’ and as such, it is important to get us involved as early as possible to fine-tune the window installation and save on unforeseen costs/time delays further in the project.

Should a unit fail, Veron will work alongside the project team/suppliers to ensure that the required standards of joinery installation are adhered to.

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