Elevating Construction: The Power of Drone Surveys

In the ever-evolving landscape of surveying and construction, technology is becoming an indispensable ally, revolutionising traditional Building Surveying practices and enhancing efficiency. One such innovation is the use of drone surveys and how they are reshaping the way we approach surveys, here’s how:

1. Precision

Drone surveys provide a bird’s-eye view of buildings, offering unparalleled precision and accuracy. Equipped with advanced imaging technology, drones capture detailed and high-resolution aerial photographs, allowing our surveyors to obtain a comprehensive overview of the site.

2. Time & Cost Efficiency

Time is money, and in construction, efficiency is key. Drone surveys significantly expedite the surveying process compared to traditional methods. With the ability to cover large areas swiftly, drones reduce the time required for data collection and analysis. The use of drones also eliminates the need for scaffolding and other potentially expensive access equipment.

3. Enhanced Safety

Building surveys, particularly roofs, often pose safety challenges. Drones eliminate the need for personnel to navigate potentially hazardous terrain, minimizing the risk of accidents.

4. Accessibility & Adaptability

Drones are agile and adaptable to project access challenges. Whether it’s a large-scale construction site, a remote location, or a complex structure, drones can access and survey areas that might be challenging or impractical for traditional surveying methods.

Drone surveying offers a safe and cost-effective method of building and roof inspection, removing the need for scaffolding and other expensive access equipment. We utilise industry-leading technology to identify defects and areas that require closer inspection, our surveyors then provide a detailed report including high-definition photos. Our drone pilots are 101 certified and can arrange authorisation to fly in controlled areas if required.

We recently put these benefits into practice by using a drone survey to identify defects and maintenance requirements at The Cloud, located on Queens Wharf in Auckland’s CBD. Due to The Cloud’s shape and size the drone cut the survey time down and provided a detailed condition assessment.

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