Focused repairs extend a building’s lifespan up to 15 years

Auckland Council approached us with regard to their library in Kumeu which had been the subject of various investigations by other specialist consultants, all of which had recommended that the building needed a reclad and reroof.

We were tasked with providing the Council with alternative options for the building given that the cost implications for the proposed works were prohibitive and the future role of the building within the community was uncertain given the changing needs of the growing local community.

Veron’s solution:

A condition survey of all elements of the building in conjunction with a review of the existing design confirmed that the areas of failure were limited to localised timber infill panels – these in essence were of limited structural significance given the blockwork structural elements of the building.

A solution was agreed with the client whereby the necessary structural repairs to the building were carried out under the cover of a building consent and localised repairs were carried out as part of needed “maintenance” to the building.

These works have now been successfully completed on time and within budget, saving the client essential funds and extending the life of the building for an additional 15-year life cycle.